Envy is a multi-headed creature, it saps and it flows around hearts and limbs, it fractures worlds of imagination, and it cuts dead ambition. Speak of wonders in tongues, speak towards imagination and intent, slash faces with anger, slash faces with envy. You open the door, you open your mouth, you scream the five tongues and seven sins, you whisper of dreams that never arrive, and whisper of wrongs and endings. It is the casual implication of evil, the mild wanderings of fear, those special moments of smiles without warmth. Stars shine dimly in long dark corridors, they shine dimly through exhaustion and neglect. Doors are slammed within faces, steps are moved within hearing. Metal bands encase our minds with silver, encase our minds with envy. We are the watchtower of the gods, the tower of angels and demons, of clashes of imagination and restoration. Don't stumble through the orbs, don't fall through the gaps, envy is a reservoir deep and cool, it crosses over and through the sections of the mind. Staple it shut.