"So what's it all about?"
He sighed, stared at the gentle ripples on the blue green water, and shrugged. "It's about still, cool waters. It's about bubbling froth, it's about placid surfaces, it's about dynamic tidal waves. It's about everything...and it's about nothing."
I in turn looked towards the thin blue green waters. I let out a small contented breath. I could stay in this spot forever...just so calm, the calmest and most serene that I'd felt in years. Everything seemed to be here, and nothing seemed to be here. All you ever wanted, and nothing you ever wanted, each and all at the same time. Then I thought: paradise or hell is just a space - nothing more, nothing less. How you fill your space, from moment to moment, is your heaven or hell.
"You're right" I exclaimed. "It's about everything...and it's about nothing."
He smiled and skimmed a stone across the blue green water...skip, skip, skip, skip, plop.