Trance awoke. Her eyelids fluttered and she awoke. Another day, she thought, another day. She sighed and pulled herself upright. She sat on the bed with her cool hands resting on her cooler thighs, and looked out of the opaque window. She could just make out the line of the trees outside her bedroom window. They were moving slightly in the breeze. The birds would be singing, but she couldn’t hear them through the window. Another day to fill, she frowned, I must begin to apply myself, she thought. This listless feeling had been with her for a while now; it was getting her nowhere. “It is unproductive” she murmured, scolding herself. She frowned again.

Pulling herself upright she thought about the day ahead. Should she wear anything today? Maybe a bright scarf, a hat, a dress even. No, she would wear a scarf – green, bright green. She opened her closet and passed her hand along the line of scarves all grouped by colour, until she came to the greens. It will be early summer outside, she told herself, so a very rich green would be appropriate. Her fingers folded themselves around the delicate material of the scarf. She pulled it out and smiled. How beautiful it is to be able to appreciate both colour and texture. She sighed contentedly as she wrapped the delicate green scarf around her slim neck. She was ready for the day ahead.