"So did you watch it?"
"Watch what?"
"That TV show I was telling you about?"
"Which one was that?" Adam knew.
Gabriel sighed. "The one I said was so great. The one you really had to watch."
"Oh, yes."
"Did you watch it then?"
"Yea, it was good."
"Yea, it was good? What kind of answer is that?"
"A yea it was good answer?"
"Funny. No really, what did you think?"
"It was very...disturbing."
"Disturbing? You think?"
"Yea. Disturbing."
"Disturbing, but in a good way?"
Gabriels eyes narrowed. "Just a minute. You didn't watch it did you?"
"I did! Of course I did!"
"No you didn't."
"I did!"
"Adam. I'm going to ask you to be honest with me. If you decide to lie I'll be hurt, and you know how much that makes you squirm."
Adam sighed. He was pinned under Gabriels cleft stick yet again, like a serpent with nowhere to go. There was nothing he could really do but tell it as it was. He sighed. "Ok. I didn't see it."
"Oh Adam."
"But I did read up about it."
"Read up?"
"Yea, and..."
"And what?"
"Hmm. I just..."
"I just didn't like the sound of it."
"Why not?"
"I don't know."
"You must know. You must have chosen a reason. You couldn't have just thought I won't watch that because Gabriel recommends it."
"Of course not!"
"So what didn't you like about it?"
"Ok. It was disturbing, and before you say anything, no not in a good way."
Gabriel shrugged. "Yea, ok."
Adam felt that he needed to explain, even though part of him also felt that it was unnecessary, knew that Gabriel wouldn't need it, or demand it. It was a non-judgement moment, but Adam still felt compelled to justify. "I don't do disturbing."
"I have enough in my life that is already disturbing."
"I know."
"Sometimes I have to hang on by my fingertips, hold onto some of the good stuff. Extreme disturbance, even if it is entertainment...I can't do that. Not now."
Gabriel stared intently at Adam, as if he was looking for something. Like he knew what it was, but wasn't quite sure where it was. Then he found it, and that did disturb Adam.
Gabriel frowned. "I'm really sorry Adam. It was a stupid suggestion. I should have thought."
"No, really. It was a thoughtful gesture."
"It really wasn't."
"No, it was. It was kindly meant. Enthusiasm is always kindly meant. It just isn't always..."
"No. Transferrable."
"I know what you mean."
"So we are good?"
"We're good."
"Despite the fact that we've not shared a TV series?"
That made Gabriel smile. "Yea, that too. We'll survive."
Adam smiled. Yes they would. They always would.