"So do you think magic exists?"
"Hey, magic is with us all the time."
"I know. But that's a kinda glib answer. Like, 'we are all one', or 'everything is beautiful.."
" its own way."
"Doesn't stop magic being with us..."
"...all the time."

"I wish it were."
"I wish magic were here, and all the time."
Adam sighed. "I need it, and don't ask why, I just do."
Gabriel shrugged. "Why can't magic be here?"
"Why? Look at it!"
"Look at what?"
"Gabriel, look around you. The world is shit and getting shittier by the day!"

"What makes you think that magic isn't out there? Just because it isn't flaunting itself, telling you that it has a special offer on, but this week only. That if you buy now you are guaranteed good results. Magic is shy, coy, it has to be coerced into appearing."

"You think so?"
"Of course. Magic takes its time to show itself, and only to those who want it."
"I want it."
Gabriel smiled. "Of course you do."
"So what do I do?"
"You don't do anything."
"But how can I get to the magic if I don't even know it's there?"
Gabriel smiled again. "Then you get yourself a guide."
"A guide?"
"Yea. Someone who will show you the special places, the places where magic lingers."
"And these places are...where?"
"There's one nearby."

"How do you know that?"
"Oh wait, don't tell me. You're a guide."
"Don't smirk Adam, it makes you look like a hungry weasel."
"How the hell would you know what a hungry weasel looks.. oh forget it."

"So do you want me to show you?"
"What?" Adam exclaimed distractedly.

"The place where you can find magic?"
He shrugged. "Ok. Whatever."
"Well don't be so enthusiastic."
Adam rolled his eyes. "You're fucking with me, I can tell."
Gabriel shrugged. "Your decision. Do you want me to guide you, or not?"
A sigh. "Fine. Guide me. Magic here we come!"
"Magic indeed."

And with that they rolled along towards the woods.