"So who's your hero?"
"You know I don't do heroes."
"Yea I know, but just do one for now. Just pick a name."
"Yea, someone you admire, that's hero-like."
"But not a hero."
"But not a hero."

Adam stuck his tongue in his cheek and thought. There was a sigh from the other side of the table.
"Jeez, it's not a life/death choice. It's only a name!"
"Hey, I'm thinking! I'm giving your question a gravity it probably doesn't deserve."
Gabriel rolled his eyes, yet again.
"Ok. I've chosen a name."
"What the..."
"You asked for a name. Someone I admired. I gave you a name."
"But Beelzebub. Where the hell did that come from?"
"Oh, ha ha!"
Adam shrugged. "You asked for a hero. That spiritual entity has had one of history's longest negative campaigns aimed against them, and yet..."
"And yet?"
"And yet he's still hanging on in there. That shows tenacity, if nothing else. I admire tenacity."
Gabriel stared at Adam as if he were some weird unidentifiable plastic toy out of a cereal packet. "You know you're nuts right?"
Adam shrugged. "Doesn't stop Beelzebub being a hero of mine."
"You said you don't do heroes."
Adam shrugged again. " I changed my mind. I like the game. So who's yours?"
He looked bewildered. "My what?"
"Hero. Who's your hero?"
Gabriel let out a long deep breath. "Fuck knows now. Beelzebub? Jeez."
"Play the game. I showed you mine, now you show me yours."
He sat, stared, ruminated, then smiled mischievously.
"Ok, got one."
"And. Barbie!"
"Barbie? You serious?"
"Hey, that piece of weird emaciated plastic has been vilified for decades, and yet..."
"She still manages to hang on in there. Yea, I get you."
Gabriel smiled disarmingly. "I guess we both have unrealistic expectations."
"Unrealistic expectations?"
"In our heroes."
He wasn't quite sure what he meant, but as there was a definite glint in his eye, Adam decided not to pursue. He frowned. "Game over I think."
"Fun while it lasted."
His eyes sparkled. "Think I found out a little more about you though. Filled in some of the character gaps, so to speak."
"Yea, and I found out a little more about you as well. I think Barbie filled in a chasm of detail."
They both snorted, then smiled.