Art Censorship, Body Censorship, and Facebook Friendly

Art censorship is about controlling and limiting access to your creative work, and limiting access for others to see that work. By controlling public access to contemporary artwork by labelling it as anything from 'uncomfortable' to 'porn' and then banning it and the artist from the public, one small section of the community is making judgements and decisions that affect the larger whole, and more importantly, that affect their freedom to view or not view aspects of the contemporary art world. They are no longer responsible adults with free choice, but commodified children, whose access to the world is blinkered and controlled.

Body censorship is about limiting access to aspects of the human body. Our ownership of our sexuality, one of the driving engines of humanity, is consistently removed by elements of social media. We are then in many ways, made to feel emasculated, we are made prepubescent. Denying us our sexuality, and more importantly the full range of our sexuality, is denying us a healthy understanding of that sexuality. Remove sexuality from the equation of who we are, and you foster a warped sense of what to be human really is.

Facebook Friendly is not a term limited to facebook, but is a generic term used by those who are uncomfortable with freedom of expression. These are the people who pretend to be liberal, pretend to have a healthy understanding of body and sexuality, but are instead deeply dysfunctional. They are prone to aggressive censorship of self, and more disturbingly, censorship of others. These are the people who usually start a conversation with "I am not a ---, but...", and we all know where that leads.