Old Work

John Hopper: Sleep Disorder 1

Old work, and is it worth keeping? I was chatting away with a friend the other evening, as you do, and the subject of old work came up. Now my policy has always been to empty my artwork portfolios into the nearest skip/bin when I'm finished with them. He seemed horrified, but assumed that I had at least recorded everything, whoops!

I tend not to record, document, photograph, I never saw the point, it was just stuff that would soon become old stuff, then lose its meaning. Just like I used to write a journal and at the end of every month I would delete it, it had served its purpose. 

John Hopper: Sleep Disorder 1-4

So anyway, it got me to thinking, maybe I'm wrong, perhaps old work does serve a purpose, does have value for the self. So I dug high and low, and I did find some sketch books, and I did find a buried folder on my pc.

So I looked through my work that hadn't ended up in the bottom of a bin, and I thought to myself, hey you really used to enjoy this. No, this really consumed you, you lived it and loved it. Of course, me being me, I start wondering how this work survived and others didn't. Why did this work get filed away in the back of a bookcase, whilst other work got upended into the bin? Haven't reached a conclusion over that one yet.

John Hopper: Matrix 2

Perhaps it connected with something fundamental in me, perhaps I had a hunch that it might need to be dug out again at some future point, or perhaps it became so well hidden that it was just forgotten. Not a great believer in accidents and coincidences though - everything is for a reason.

So, These are some of the many pieces of work that I produced a handful of years ago, before I got disillusioned, distracted, disconnected. 

John Hopper: Obsessive 5

Looping around and back to the reference to the conversation that I started with, which I love to do, who doesn't love looping back! Anyway, yes, I might play around with some new ideas, some old ideas, some cross-references, might even get the scissors and pritt stick out, do love old school sometimes. Thanks for listening. X

ps. most of this work was done about five or so years ago.

John Hopper: Stigmata of Degeneration 3