Brian Eno - Ambient 1

Brian Eno is one of my gods. I don't have many, but I have some, and he is definitely up there in the pantheon. Brian Eno, to me at least, will always be associated with the landscapes of the ambient, and no more so than the small series of Ambient recordings that he made in the late 1970s and very early 1980s. This, the first one was released in 1978.

Ambient 1: Music For Airports is never very far from me, particularly track one. The first track is always my fall to music. Whenever I am about, walking, in town, working, very often I will start humming the first track of this album. It is minimal, repeatable, slow, calm, tethering. It helps to take out the wrinkles of my day. It lowers the hills, raises the valleys, giving me a more level plateau in which to glide through the day.

There are a lot of versions of this album now, Brian Eno has always been keen for others to compliment, change, engineer his music. It is others variations of his music that adds, rather than detracts from the whole, something that the more litigious-minded musicians often fail to understand.

Anyway, there are now a lot of versions out there from the 1978 original. There are slower versions, faster versions, even backward versions of this 1978 seminal piece of work, much of which I have listened to, and much of which I admire. However, it is the cool, calm placidity of the original that still manages to get me every time, and I mean every time.

Anyway, well worth a listen to if you haven't before. You can find it and variations across the net, though this youtube original is a good start