Jordan Alan Brown - Poet as Artist, Artist as Poet

It is so heartening to see and hear poetry alive and kicking in the twenty first century. Many would have assumed, and probably do, that poetry has fallen along the wayside, a victim of technology, of the hand held, and the immediate, but it isn't actually so.

Poets have taken the contemporaneousness of the modern world, and turned it to their advantage. There are now contemporary poets, both young, middling, and old, who use social media, use photography, use video, in order to say what they want to say, say what needs to be said.

Long gone are the days when poetry was largely produced in thin volumes, by obscure publishing houses, for a tiny elite. Poetry is now a vibrant, connected medium. It talks about what people know, what they feel, and what they understand. 

We live in a culture that understands mediums, that is visually sophisticated. A culture that connects with ideas and philosophies, that conceptualises thoughts and emotions, but equally understands that they are the foundations of human life, just as much now, as they have ever been. 

Don't fall into the trap of sneering at contemporary means of human projection and human creativity, of technology that is both easily dismissed and easily misunderstood. How you use the technology for your human message is much more important than the technology itself. At the end of the day all are tools to the message, that is all.

I have been a follower of the poet Jordan Alan Brown for a while now. I was quickly and easily intrigued by his use of image and word, of combinations and connections. So cleverly done, making such instant associations, who wouldn't be intrigued. 

It's a clever and sophisticated idea, using image and word, both of which are carefully chosen by the artist, Jordan is both poet and photographer, and for many that could well be the limit of their interaction, a smart contemporary twist on a theme, but then you read what Jordan has written.

This is an individual who doesn't need to work at being a poet, he has the natural soul of one. His words are achingly beautiful, precious little bundles of meaning and understanding. The human condition is here in Jordan's work, he understands intrinsically what it is to be alive, what it is to be in a place of contentment, sadness, anger, distress.

No fluffy extraneous phrases, no additional wordage, all is raw, and to the point. Relationships are examined, memories sifted, each is placed within their coloured post it, and each becomes a gem of meaning, understanding, and connection with the poet.

Jordan is an artist who is also a poet, or perhaps a poet that is also an artist, it probably doesn't matter which. What is important is that Jordan continues on his creative path. He has far to go and a lifetime to explore through word, image, and whatever other medium should lend itself to his work. 

This may not look like poetry to some, but to me Jordan is a poetic figure of the highest calibre. He is sensitive to the human condition, and that sensitivity, that understanding of what it is to be alive, and to live a life in full, are the requisites for a poet, and he has them in abundance.

Jordan's work can be found on tumblr, and ello

All imagery was kindly supplied by the artist, please be aware of this before using that imagery, ask the artist.


  1. This is an amazing review, well thought out and exceptionally well written. It makes me want to file this unknown artist. Once I do, I know I'll be addicted, falling into love again with poetry and word. ..

    1. He is such a beautiful, talented poet Lori, I am just surprised he isn't better known. I think he is wonderful

  2. You are quite a soul, John Hopper, to always be celebrating beauty in this world.

    1. Well Roxanne, I always feel I need to get those positive ripples out there. Even if they are small, they are something :)


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